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Key events in Al Sayegh Group History:

1932 – 1948Established Al Takadom Company to assemble buses bodies/ Jaffa – Palestine.
1949 Set up a commercial store to sell imported paints/ Amman – Jordan.
1969 Established National Paints Factories and started paint production in a small factory/ Amman – Jordan.
1973 Relocated National Paints Factories/ Amman – Jordan.
1977 Established National Paints Factories Company/ Sharjah – UAE.
1984 Established Union Locks Company/ Amman – Jordan.
1986 Buying Jordan English Paints Factory/ Amman – Jordan.
1988 Established an Industrial Complex for National Paints Factories Company/ Amman – Jordan.
1989Established and partnership in National Paints Factories Company/ Doha – Qatar.
1989 Established and partnership in “EMIC” Company for Canning Industries/ Sharjah – UAE.
1989Buying Alva Paints Company/ Dubai – UAE.
1990 Buying Canning Industries Company for the production of all kinds of cans/ Amman – Jordan.
1990 Established National Company for Resins to manufacture the raw materials for paints/ Amman – Jordan.
1991 Established National Chemicals BV/ Hoorn – Holland.
1992 Established Sayegh group Bros. Real Estate Company/ Harlem – Holland.
1992 – 2008 Buying and sold Emirates Co. for Textile/ Dubai – UAE.
1993Started working in banking line business and participation in Jordan and Gulf Bank/ Amman – Jordan.
1995Established National Company for Powder Paints/ Amman – Jordan.
1996Partnership with Arab Paints Company/ Nablus – Palestine.
1996Established National Paints Factories Company for Distributing National Paints in Palestine/ Nablus – Palestine.
1998 Established National Paints Company/ Khartoum – Sudan.
1998Established National Company for Resins/ Sharjah – UAE.
1999Merging National Company for Resins with National Paints Factories Company/ Amman – Jordan.
2001 Opening the biggest Industrial Complex in the Middle East to manufacture all kinds of Paints/ Sharjah – UAE.
2001Established National Paints Company/ Bishkek – Kyrgzstan.
2001Buying Remalux Paints Company/ Amman – Jordan.
2001 Buying “Amic” Company for the manufacture of non stick cook ware and “Aman” Company for manufacturing of Sanitary equipment and merging both companies under the name of Sayegh Brothers for Engineering Industries Company/ Amman – Jordan.
2001Established National Paints Factories Company/ Al Matty – Kazakhstan.
2002Merging National Company for Powder Coating with National Paints Factories Company/ Amman – Jordan.
2002 – 2005 Buying and sold Alaaddin and Rum company for Industrial Engineering/ Amman – Jordan.
2002 Established National Trading and Investment Group for storing Chemical and Vegetable Oil/ Aqaba – Jordan.
2003Established National Paints Factories Company/ Cairo – Egypt.
2003 Buying Dolphin Paints Factory/ Amman – Jordan.
2004 Buying Connex Paints Factory/ Iasi – Romania.
2004Established PVC Company for Plastic Chips industry/ Sharjah – UAE.
2004 Buying Middle Eastern Company for Special Paints/ Masqat – Oman.
2004Established and partnership in Brinsely Ltd. for Extraction and Mining/ Sudan.
2005Established and partnership in Radiant Computer and Electronics Company/ Amman – Jordan.
2005 – 2011 Established “Design Jordan” company/ Amman – Jordan.
2006Established “Decision Makers” Broadcasting Station/ Dubai – UAE.
2007 Established and partnership in Al Jazeera Sudanese Jordanian Bank/ Al Jazeera – Sudan.
2007 – 2011 Established Al Nuzha Housing and Real Estate Company/ Amman – Jordan.
2007 – 2010 Established “Paper & Pen” company for Films Production/ Amman – Jordan.
2007 Established National Company for Powder Paints Production/ Cairo – Egypt.
2008 Merging National Company for Drums Industries with Union Locks/ Amman – Jordan.
2008 Established and partnership in “Watan” Holding Company/ Palestine.
2008 Established National Caps Factory for Crown Caps production/ Cairo – Egypt.
2008 Established Sayegh Advertising & Publishing Company/ Sharjah – UAE.
2008 Established National Paints Factories Company/ Kochi – India.
2008 Established National Paints Solvents/ Dubai – UAE.
2008 Established Sayegh Group Aviation/ Sharjah – UAE.
2009 Established Dubai Mining Int’l Co. / Dubai – UAE.
2011 Launching “Roya” TV – previously “WTV” / Amman – Jordan.
2013 Established Jordan National Lube Oil Company/ Amman – Jordan.
2013 Buying and partnership in Shtoura Dairy Factory/ Sharjah – UAE.
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National Paints
National Paints Factories – UAE
National Paints – Romania
National Paints – Egypt
Roya TV Decision Makers Channel Jordan Commercial Bank Union Locks

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