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Aqaba University of Technologies the first private university established in southern Jordan, and it has an ambitious vision to be distinguished, attractive and the preferred choice for students from Jordan and the region. The university is located just fifteen kilometers south of the city of Aqaba on the hills overlooking the Gulf of Aqaba and on a piece of land extending over 500 acres. The University admitted the first batch of students in the first semester of the academic year 2015/2016 at two faculties: the Faculty of Administrative and Financial Sciences and the Faculty of Information Technology. Under the guidance of the Board of Trustees' Chairman, His Excellency Dr. Abdul Salam Majali , the University is working continuously on proposing new specializations that meet the required new employment needs in the region and which students seek to study from both inside Jordan and abroad. The university developed a number of disciplines in the academic year of 2016/2017, including pharmacy, civil engineering and architecture, and is planning to come up in the near future with other disciplines, including medicine, interior design and graphic design.


We strive to be a worldwide leading university that is distinguished in its academic and technological programs as well as its performance of scientific research.



Aqaba University of Technology is committed to providing its students with high quality expertise of teaching and learning by offering varied academic and professional programs aimed at improving the students' personal, social, academic and professional development and enriching their knowledge. In addition to that, Aqaba University of Technology is committed to contribute to the cultural, social and economic progress of society in a way that meets the development plans for the Governorate of Aqaba and the neighboring areas.



  • To provide educational and learning programs in non-traditional disciplines needed by the Jordanian and regional labor market.

  • To qualify graduates able to compete according to the standards and requirements of the international labor market.

  • To encouraging specialized scientific research in the areas of its academic arenas.

  • To participate in community service by providing specialized scientific and technical consultancy as well as conducting studies.

  • To sign partnerships and agreements with universities and specialized research centers.

  • To address social issues and problems that are related to the academic disciplines of the university.

  • To prepare qualified graduates and leaders with enlightened democratic thinking in support of local institutions.

Aqaba University of Technology

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