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The company was established in 1976 and is considered the largest company specialized in three piece can making in Jordan and joined Sayegh Group in 1990 to meet the expanding growth of National Paint factories. The company also supplies both the local market and neighboring countries by their requirements of cans.

This compels the company to provide wide variety of products in different fields.

Similar plants have been established in the United Arab Emirates and Egypt.

Printing and Coating of tin plates

  • Production capacity reaches 11 million sheets annually

  • Printing lines were established to cover the company needs of printed sheets and high quality lacquered sheets to compete the imported products

  • The company has a technical department that follows the latest technology of dies manufacturing and spare parts fabricating and is responsible for both the production and modification of most group spare parts and to support factories needs in Jordan technically.

Manufacture and maintenance of molds and spare parts

Production of Aerosol cans

  • The production capacity reaches 12 million cans annually

  • Used for different types of packaging like pesticides, air freshener, paints, and hair spray etc.

  • The line has the capability to produce different size of cans (65, 57, and 52 mm).

  • Quality is assured on the line by ensuring 100% of cans testing using high accuracy pressurized testing machine (the accuracy reaches 1.98 cm3/min)

Food packaging production

  • The production capacity reaches 150 million cans annually

  • Line is designed to produce different can sizes to meet customer requirement with different cans diameter for both circular and rectangular cans.

  • All cans are produced under the International Specifications of the USA Food and Drug Administration (F.D.A).

  • The used machines in production is the latest European machines with high speed and high quality production.

  • High quality inspection procedure follows and high degree of traceability.

  • The production lines have the capability to produce food cans on the packaging of different types of beans, tomato, meat, cheese, olives and olives oil.

Industrial packaging

  • The production capacity reaches 10 million cans annually

  • Different sizes are available from big drums of 20 liters to small cans 0.5 liters and different shapes of rectangular, square and circular cans.

  • High quality inspection procedure follows and high degree of traceability.

  • The cans are being used for all types of paints, adhesives, inks, etc.

Coil cutting Line

  • The production capacity reaches 11 million sheets annually

  • The line is being used to cut tin plate to the use of rings, bottoms, lids and can bodies.

  • Sheets are being tested to ensure all specification within standards


  • The company uses presses to provide different types of intermediate products for can-makers like Aerosol bottoms, Aerosol rings, different types of lids, bottoms and rings.

  • Products are being tested with the latest technology of camera inspection and latest technology of quality devices.

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