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Dunia Ya Dunia in April

April 2nd was the International Day of Autism Spectrum Disorder. The disorder was thus highlighted through awareness segments for parents. Additionally, journalist and social activist Ghada Saba launched "Life within you" campaign to raise donations for liver and kidney disease patients to enable them to travel to Turkey and undergo necessary surgeries, which cost up to 100,000 dinars. On Easter holiday, the program visited an Armenian family to learn about their holiday customs, traditions, and sweets. Mohammed al-Faouri presented an interesting report about the Royal Tanks Museum, which contains many artifacts, each of which tells a different story. A group of Arab performers were hosted at Dunia Ya Dunia Studio, including musician Sharbel Rouhana, Tunisian poet Anis Shoushan, and Kuwaiti actor Mohamed El Mansour. They discussed their visits to Jordan and their latest work.

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