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Hilwa Ya Dunia in August

Hilwa Ya Dunia program discussed a variety of topics in August, including politics, media, art, and even sports. The program hosted figures and icons from various fields. Gulf performer Ali Abd-al-Sattar, who enjoys a distinguished singing voice, was one of the program's guests. He presented a colorful collection of songs with which we used to be familiar in the past and which left a mark in our memories until today. The Jordanian art arena had its fair share of Hilwa Ya Dunia too. The show hosted brilliant Jordanian stars like singer Zain Awad, musician and author Talal Abu-al-Ragheb, and the singer with the warm voice Hind Hamed. Between media, politics, society, and other topics, journalist Nasr Anani entertained us with his talk about the media domain.

In celebration of Al-Faisali Club's achievement in the Arab Club Championship, we hosted the head of the club Mr. Thamer Al-Adwan. The show also interviewed a significant number of important figures and icons from various fields.

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