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Honoring businessman Michael Sayegh For His Pioneering Economic Role

During its annual meeting, the Palestinian Turkish Businessmen Union honored Arab businessman Michael Sayegh, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Sayegh Group, for his role in supporting the Palestinian economy and the success he accomplished in his business career.

During the event held in Turkey, Mazin Hasasneh, Chairman of the Board of Directors at the Palestinian Turkish Businessmen Union, said that the union seeks to establish relationships among Palestinians everywhere to translate its economic mission in supporting the Palestinian economy.

Sayegh spoke at the event about his academic and business career, which he started with his father at the age of seven. He explained how he established his business with his family members in selling and manufacturing paints, and expanded in foreign markets. He was able to establish 21 factories in 16 countries, not to mention expanding investment areas in many sectors.

Sayegh reiterated that his desire to work is increasing even though he is over 70 years old. He worked according to the principle of separating ownership from management, thus giving family members the role of planning and supervision and assigning the role of executive management to an efficient staff.

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