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Incentive Award for occupational safety and Health

The Canning Industries Company won the incentive excellence award for public safety and occupational health in 2014 among metal products industry. This award comes as a consideration to the company’s commitment towards applying safety and health standards in accordance to the determined legislations adopted by the Social Security Corporation.

Under the patronage of the Minister of Labor – the Chairman of the Social Security Corporation, the latter held an honoring ceremony to celebrate the winners of this award.

As a representative of the Al Sayegh Group, Ms. Mirvat Qussisiya, Public relations Manager, received an appreciation certificate and a trophy.

From his side, Mr. Michael Al Sayegh, the Group Chairman, praised this achievement hoping that this award will be an incentive to continue with the same method, and within the same importance in developing safety procedures in the canning factory, and in the other group’s factories as well.

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