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Michael Sayegh Speech on The Group Achievements in 2015

The year of 2015 passed with many achievements, good and bad news, and now we are welcoming a new year filled with determination, continuity of progress, and an increase of our various activities.

Last year featured distinguished results in Sharjah corporates profits, and most of the factories. It also witnessed the development of the production operations through automating the production lines.

On the market level, we succeeded in acquiring Champion Paints Factory which increased our market share and contributed in growing the exports. On the other hand, we are still working on opening a factory of National Paints in Saudi Arabia to join our series of factories operating in many countries, and to continue providing high quality paints.

I also want to mention our acquisition of the paint factory in India that will start operating soon, as well as our continuous investment in the media industry through Roya TV Channel, where plans and programs are determined to meet a large number of audience expectations.

We will continue our journey in expansion through our banking investments, as the results of the Jordan Commercial Bank have met our expectations according to the estimated budget, which was adopted at the beginning of the year, and through the banking services they offer, in addition to the raise in the bank capital, which was in line with our banking service plans. All that is mentioned above represents a new step in our achievements journey and the role of the new generations in the board of directors, who open the door for any opportunity that leads to the group’s prosperity.

It’s worth mentioning that the employees of Al Sayegh Group, who are carefully selected, are the backbone of the group.

Despite the crisis in neighboring countries, and the complete absence of a clear image about the future, we work diligently and with wisdom to revive the hope in our lives and the lives of others. We believe that the real value of working lies in achieving our dreams, therefore we established National Paints Holding Company to manage the planning and directing of all the companies, and monitoring the performance through the board of directors which includes the new generation of the family, and to be an effective tool to develop and improve our brand to compete amongst similar ones in the world.

Since silence is the language of the weak, we continue our contribution in building the future for the next generations, through participating and supporting social, cultural and sport activities, urging them to work and conduct change. That’s why we formed a small board of directors to prepare the new generation of the family and direct them towards working within the same spirit of the family. This way creates an atmosphere of joy and happiness when seeing our children leading and expanding the future of the group. By doing this, we become the role model for others, not affected by any pressures or crisis, but rather waking up every morning to work with hope and determination.

I wish everyone a year full of love, happiness and health, and I encourage you all to work with high anticipations based on optimism to achieve the goals of 2020 that were developed by the board of directors. I hope that the coming days are better ones and we work for the good of our countries, societies, and families.

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