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Mr. Michael Sayegh participates in the consultation meeting of the Palestinian private sector

Prior to the convening of the National Council, Mr. Michael Sayegh, Chairman of the Board of Directors and CEO of Sayegh Group, participated in the consultation meeting of the Palestinian private sector. This was upon the initiative of the Palestinian businessman Mr. Munib Masri, who chaired the meeting, and at the invitation of Prof. Dr. Imad Abu Kishk, President of Al-Quds University. The meeting was attended by a group of political, economic, and academic figures. During the meeting, the participants stressed their full support for the convening of the Palestinian National Council as the parliament and legislature for all Palestinians. They called on all Palestinian factions to participate in it during the delicate circumstances surrounding the Palestinian cause. Such circumstances call for the Palestinian people to group under the umbrella of Palestinian legitimacy and stand as one in the face of what stands against our just cause. A cause that revolves around our national project of establishing a Palestinian state with Jerusalem as its capital, the repatriation of refugees, calling for an end to the division, and moving towards national unity. The participants also called on the National Council to adopt the economic plan that was presented during the meeting as a basis for formulating a detailed and comprehensive economic plan. This plan aims to disengage from the occupation and realise the foundations of the Palestinian state. It also considers the private sector a key partner in shouldering national responsibility and complementing the political struggle.

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