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Nabd Al-Balad

During February, Nabd Al-Balad had several important interviews discussing a variety of local, Arab, and regional events and topics. The local topics included His Majesty King Abdullah's meeting with university students. This event was an important turning point, and therefore an episode was dedicated to discuss the royal meeting and its details with the attendance of Engineer Hadithah Khrisha, Minister of Youth, and Dr. Abdullah Nuqrush, Dean of the Faculty of International Studies at the University of Jordan.

The soaring prices, the reaction of the Jordanian public, and the performance of the government were discussed in various interviews on Nabd Al-Balad. The show hosted political analysts, including Roman Haddad, and activists, including Dergham Halaseh. It also interviewed civil society workers who monitor the performance of the government, including Ragheb Shreim, Director of the government transparency program at Al-Hayat Center, and Rased. On the sidelines of the Jordan Agenda Conference 2018, the program hosted Moussa Shteiwi, Director of the Office of Strategic Studies, and Abla Abu-Ilba, Secretary General of Hashd Party.

The armed robberies that occurred at banks, commercial centers, and gas stations were also a subject of concern on the Jordanian street. The program hosted several MP's, including Mustafa Yaghi and Ahmad Al-Raqab, to talk about the dimensions and causes of this phenomenon. The MP's also discussed the drop of confidence from the government and its consequences.

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