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Nabd Al-Balad in December

During December, Nabd Al-Balad hosted many guests to discuss the main events at the local, Arab, and international levels. This included Trump's recognition of Jerusalem as the occupation's capital and his call to move the US embassy there. The show discussed the debate over the government's budget for 2018 at the House of Representatives, and this budget's effects on Jordanian people. It also discussed the anniversary of Al-Karak Castle events, swine flu's return, and reconsidering the Israel–Jordan peace treaty. The discussion of the treaty followed US President Trump's recognition of Jerusalem as the occupation's capital. Roya conducted an opinion poll on Facebook to ask people: "Do you support the annulment of the Israel–Jordan peace treaty? Amending some items in the Israel–Jordan peace treaty? Or conserving the Israel–Jordan peace treaty as it is?"

The show also discussed issues such as the popular and political movement to support Jerusalem, regional events in Yemen, the killing of Ali Abdullah Saleh, and the Israeli violations against media.

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