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ZAITAK Exports Lube Oil to the Palestinian Market

Jordan National Lube Oil Company (ZAITAK), a member of Sayegh Group, has recently exported its first shipment of lube oil to Palestine. The shipment included diesel engine oils (Power SAE 15W/40, SAE 50, SAE 40, SAE 10W), passenger-car motor oils (SAE 10W/40, SAE 20W/50) and hydraulic fluids (ISO 46, ISO 68 in 1-liter, 5-liter, 20-liter and 25-liter containers).

Using virgin-base oils (100%) in compliance with international and Jordanian standards, ZAITAK has succeeded in accessing new markets, relying on its well-deserved reputation.

Chairman of Sayegh Group Mr. Michael Sayegh applauded this development, saying that “the company looks forward to exporting ZAITAK products to the entire Palestinian market in addition to other Arab and international markets”.

Sayegh added that the company “is exploring opportunities to export ZAITAK products, as it seeks to promote local products in new markets”. The chairman reiterated the company’s long-standing commitment to enhance the competitiveness of local products in international markets.

“ZAITAK: a local product with international standards”.

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