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"Zaitak Power" receives the MB 228.3 Approval

Jordan National Lube Oil Company has added one more remarkable prosperity by successfully passing an OEM approval from Daimler Mercedes-Benz and got its certificate (MB 228.3) this week.

Based on this, Mercedes-Benz testifies that our operating fluid ‘ZAITAK Power SAE 15W/40’ is complying with and strictly adhering to all the requirements and specifications enlisted within sheet MB 228.3

Jordan National Lube Oil Company only uses virgin base stocks in its finished lubricants along with the prominent additives coming from Infineum UK Limited, while our production is totally monitored by the quality lab.MB 228.3 approval

Just to recall that ‘ZAITAK Power SAE 15W/40’ had been granted an API approval and is also following Jordanian standard (JS 392/2007) for internal-combustion engines’ lubricants by passing all required bench-tests of the RSS: Royal Scientific Society.

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