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"Zaitak" receives the “American Petroleum Institute” Certification

Jordan National Lube Oil Company - Member of Sayegh Group - has successfully fulfilled the requirements of an API “American Petroleum Institute” certification by passing all physical and chemical bench tests along with the technically proven engine tests for ‘ZAITAK’ finished lubricants.

Jordan National Lube Oil Company will be hence, the first ever Jordanian-national lube oil blending plant to hold such a certification, whilst company’s name has been enlisted among other complying worldwide rivals in the American Petroleum Institute ‘API’ website:

Jordan National Lube Oil Company is a local lube oil blending plant that was established in 2013 and started production by early 2016 under the brand name ‘ZAITAK’.

Jordan National Lube Oil Company has a piece of art blending facility that strictly complies with the up-to-date blending techniques and also has a modern lab that is well-equipped with many certified instruments which are capable enough to monitor and sustain products’ quality all the time.

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