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National Trading and Investment Group LTD was established in 2002 as a facility for storing petroleum derivatives, oils, chemical and plant-based solvents, and selling oils and chemical solvents.

The company is one of the largest storage companies in the Aqaba Special Economic Zone, as it contains 45 tanks of different sizes, ranging from 450 - 6000 cubic meters, with a total capacity of 98,000 cubic meters, and the tanks are certified by (TUV) and distributed as follows:

1- Fixed roof tanks (Certified according to API 579), total 41 tanks, capacity (74,000 cubic meters).

2- Floating roof tanks (Fixed with IFR) - (API 650) and there are 4 tanks with a capacity of (24000 cubic meters). Each tank contains a valve to read the level of the substance.

In order to transport materials from vessels arriving at the oil dock, tanks are connected to four 6-inch lines, with a total length of 700 meters for each line
We have 31 tanks with a capacity of (450-1300 cubic meters) and each tank has a separate 4-inch line that connects it to the loading dock to unload its content. 

Also we have 14 tanks with a capacity of (4000 - 6000 cubic meters) and each tank has a separate 6-inch line that connects it to the loading dock to unload its content.
The dock has been renovated and developed to accommodate four tanks at the same time, and the loading dock contains 12 unloading arms.

Furthermore, the company is equipped with the latest firefighting and alarm systems. It has three pumps with a capacity of 450 cubic meters / hour for each pump to support the extinguishing and cooling systems for all tanks, jets and hydrant points.

Located 500 meters away from the oil dock in the southern beach of Aqaba’s Special Zone, the company stands 30 meters above sea level, and currently occupies a total area of 73000 square meters.  

National Trading and Investment Group LTD strives to comply with guidelines pertaining to public health, safety and protection of the environment, and seeks to prevent any pollution or damage. To this end, the group implements the best practices to deal with chemical materials while receiving, loading and unloading vessels. The group’s philosophy is best summed up in its motto: “no pollution, no injuries and no risks”.

The group also invests in sensitising employees on safety, health and environmental instructions and continues to train them on the latest techniques to avoid any injuries.  Moreover, their compliance with laws, regulations and HSE requirements is always monitored, given that they deal with hazardous materials.

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