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Jordan National Lube Oil Company (JNLO), a local domestic plant specialized in blending and filling various types of finished lubricants for versatile uses and applications had been established in 2013. Its production capacity is around 10,000 MT of finished lubricants per annum. Our brand name is ‘ZAITAK’ which has been blended by the head of year 2016.

Jordan National Lube Oil Company, a member of Sayegh group, is decisively working to become one of the locally and globally well-distinguished companies in premium-quality lubricants and solely get in competence with other worldwide prominent lube oil blenders. In this relation, our technical staff has developed an elite formulation for lubricants that rely merely on 100% VIRGIN base oils along with the respective chemical additives from the major four giants for lube additives manufacturers. Moreover, a long-term business contract was established with LUBEREF (Saudi Aramco base oil refinery) for catering with base oils to JNLO. Our final products will serve cars, trucks, and buses sectors; in addition it will also cater the industry with state of the art lubricants including most hydraulic and industrial gear oils.


As a result, ZAITAK lubricants became live under full compliance with the international standards and regulations and also complying with standards of ‘JSMO: Jordan Standards and Metrology Organization’ as it obtained compliance certificates from ‘RSS: Royal Scientific Society’. Through a short period, Jordan National Lube Oil Company had obtained a full-compliance certificate from the ‘American Petroleum Institute: API’ and an (Original Equipment Manufacturer: OEM) approval from Daimler (Mercedes – Benz MB Approval 228.3).

Jordan National Lube Oil Plant comprises different sections for lubricants blending and filling under full supervision of quality-control lab. Quality lab keeps on testing all received base oils and chemical additives to verify their compliance with needed quality. It also examines all lubricants blends through different stages of production so as to guarantee full-compliance with the standards.

Jordan National Lube Oil Company

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